Hobbit of the Pony-Lass

First up, we have Bayleaf Green, a hobbit of the Fallohides — and a Minstrel, sporting a red and golden hued outfit. The idea for this was to get an outfit that was as bright as a minstrel should be, but still matching the Steed of the Horse-Lords fairly well. For those who are unaware, this steed is exclusive with LotRO: Mithril Edition, which is completely worth buying if you’re able to find it. If anything, it is the cheapest way to purchase 2000tp to date.

The horse is a simple basic horse, only coming with +62% speed and a mere 100 morale, but it sure does look nice, and it makes a nice starting mount for players who are brand new to the game. I used it quite often when I first started.

For this outfit, I needed a chest piece that already had one out of two colors that I needed in order to match the pony when I dyed it. Naturally, I checked all of the outfitters for a suitable garment first. And what do you know? I found one, at Thorin’s Hall. It was a nice olive color, but it was lined with gold and yellow trimming which I knew would look great with red, assuming that the olive-colored parts would dye properly. So, I tested it, and it looked great!

Overall, this is a simple, elegant outfit that was extremely easy to put together, and I think the end results were a success.

If you want details on how to achieve any of the items mentioned below, please go to lotro-wiki.com and do a quick search there. Nine times out of ten, they will have everything you need to know! If they don’t, simply post a comment and I’ll be sure to answer you.

  • Head: Summerdays Hat, dyed red (festival barter item)
  • Shoulders: Unnarr’s Shoulderpads, no dye(quest reward item)
  • Back: Day Pack, dyed red (any outfitter)
  • Chest: Dwarf-make Shirt and Trousers, dyed red (thorin’s hall outfitter)
  • Mount: Steed of the Horse-Lords (lotro: mithril edition)
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2 thoughts on “Hobbit of the Pony-Lass

  1. This is super adorable 🙂

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