Roving Festivities

Hail, friends! I’ve just put together an outfit for my new hobbit guardian, Silphium Rosinweed. I decided she should have an outfit that includes at least some of the Harvest Festival cosmetics, since… she’s a hobbit! Hobbits always participate, yeah?

Those apples make me crave an apple. Is that sad of me? Anyways, I didn’t just want to use the whole set of harvest-brew cosmetics; that would have made Silphium look just like everybody else. So I decided to add a little guardian flare to it, and what says “Guardian!” more than some bulky shoulder guards and a helmet which covers your whole head?

But then I didn’t know where to get some that would match this dress at least halfway. I thought about dying the dress red and then putting on the barrow-scout helmet and shoulder guards from the skirmish camp, but then I thought… Red is just too bright. I can’t see a middle class hobbit, of all things, wearing such a bright color in the Middle Ages. Plus, the shoulder guards for the barrow-scout just aren’t as big as I like, especially for a guardian. Then, it hit me. Olive is a nice, subtle color, and the gear from the Rohan pre-purchase also has sort of an olive flare to it. It matches pretty well, I think!

If you want details on how to achieve any of the items mentioned below, please go to and do a quick search there. Nine times out of ten, they will have everything you need to know! If they don’t, simply post a comment and I’ll be sure to answer you.

  • Head: Helm of the Eastemnet, no dye (rohan pre-order item)
  • Shoulders: Shoulders of the Eastemnet, no dye (rohan pre-order item)
  • Chest: Harvest-brew Dress, dyed olive (festival barter item)
  • Hand-held: Basket of Apples (festival barter item)
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