Elves can be rangers, too.

Hopefully, by now, you’ve all noticed EE’s makeover. I spent quite a while trying to get a look that I liked and could live with, and here we are. So, with that small announcement out of the way, who else is absolutely excited about Rohan? I know I am. I don’t plan on being able to play at all right after patching, like many others, but hopefully by Tuesday I’ll be able to get in there and start exploring. I currently only have one character who will be able to go to Rohan right away, since I just started playing the game in May.

Just like many others, I’ve given my main an outfit that she can be proud to ride into Rohan for the first time wearing. I thought I would put together an elven form of the Grey Company outfit for that reason, not only because she is an elf but because I’m sure hundreds of people will be wearing the full outfit on launch day. Over the course of the epic story, I’ve watched the rangers sacrifice many things; life, freedom, and more, all for the sake of one little hobbit and to save Middle Earth. To me, I thought I should honor the gifts they gave to me by wearing them across that bridge to fight alongside their comrades, now my own. The outfit doesn’t look too good with a cloak, so I did opt to leave the back bare for now. Perhaps I’ll find a cloak that looks decent with this outfit once I reach Rohan, but for now, it looks fine.

If you want details on how to achieve any of the items mentioned below, please go to lotro-wiki.com and do a quick search there. Nine times out of ten, they will have everything you need to know! If they don’t, simply post a comment and I’ll be sure to answer you.

  • Head: Fine Grey Company Hood, dyed black (epic quest reward item)
  • Shoulders: Potent Combat Pauldrons of Théodred, dyed black (tier7 crafted item)
  • Chest: Golden Host Coat of the Awakened, dyed black (tier6 crafted item)
  • Hands: Fine Grey Company Gauntlets, dyed black (epic quest reward item)
  • Legs: Isbur-socas, dyed black (foundry drop)
  • Feet: Fine Grey Company Boots, dyed black (epic quest reward item)
  • Mount: Smokey Black Horse (mirkwood reputation steed)
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