Roving Festivities

Hail, friends! I’ve just put together an outfit for my new hobbit guardian, Silphium Rosinweed. I decided she should have an outfit that includes at least some of the Harvest Festival cosmetics, since… she’s a hobbit! Hobbits always participate, yeah?

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Hobbit of the Pony-Lass

First up, we have Bayleaf Green, a hobbit of the Fallohides — and a Minstrel, sporting a red and golden hued outfit. The idea for this was to get an outfit that was as bright as a minstrel should be, but still matching the Steed of the Horse-Lords fairly well. For those who are unaware, this steed is exclusive with LotRO: Mithril Edition, which is completely worth buying if you’re able to find it. If anything, it is the cheapest way to purchase 2000tp to date.

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