Elves can be rangers, too.

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Treasure Hunter

Sorry for the delay in posting another entry! Well, this outfit wasn’t entirely inspired by the recent treasure hunt, however coincidentally it seems to fit the mood quite well, so I thought I would post it up before the event ends.

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Raven Elf

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Hobbit of the Pony-Lass

First up, we have Bayleaf Green, a hobbit of the Fallohides — and a Minstrel, sporting a red and golden hued outfit. The idea for this was to get an outfit that was as bright as a minstrel should be, but still matching the Steed of the Horse-Lords fairly well. For those who are unaware, this steed is exclusive with LotRO: Mithril Edition, which is completely worth buying if you’re able to find it. If anything, it is the cheapest way to purchase 2000tp to date.

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