Welcome to Elendil Endeavors !

Elendil Endeavors is a brand new cosmetic/adventure blog, where I will post many interesting things about my experiences in Lord of the Rings Online. These could be anything from new cosmetic outfits that I’ve put together for my characters, to new locations I’ve discovered in the game and more.

If you would like me to feature an outfit of your own, please, feel free to email me your screenshots at downerc7[@]gmail.com (remove the brackets) and give me a run down of how you came to possess such an outfit if you’d like! If you choose not to give me a story to tell, I’ll simply write my own thoughts on your outfit alongside the screenshots — and give you a big shout out, of course. No biggie.

However, if you are on the Elendilmir server and have no idea how to take a good screenshot or two, we can set up a date/time/place to meet in-game and I would be happy to take some screenshots for you.

Thanks, and look out for my first real blog post soon!

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